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Regarding publication of proclamation-Construction of roaqd over Bridge(RoB) no -75c at chandwa -Macluskiganj View (470 KB)
Pirimary Notification for Road Construction from Meram, Mahuadanr-Champa-Chhattisgarh Boarder 02/03/2019 View (5 MB)
Rabi crop cutting village list 02/02/2019 View (6 MB)
Primary Notification – Chandwa-Mahuamilan-Macluskiganj Road Widening – Belgada- 316 05/11/2018 View (1 MB)
Primary Notification – Chandwa-Mahuamilan-Macluskiganj Road Widening – Nindra – 315 05/11/2018 View (976 KB)
Adhighoshna-Bridge construction on Auranga River on Saryu-Latehar-Saryu Kotam 05/11/2018 View (692 KB)
Notification regarding Construction of New B.G. Railway Line Tori-Mahuamilan Biratoli – Part-II 02/11/2018 View (1 MB)
Primary Notification regarding road widening from Mahuadanr (SH-09) to Lodh Falls road 31/10/2018 View (7 MB)
Construction of 132/33 KV Grid Sub-Station, Chandwa 31/10/2018 View (600 KB)
Notification for Construction of Tori-Mahuamilan Biratoli New B.G. Railway Line Part-II 31/10/2018 View (2 MB)